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The New Language of Online Shoppping: 11ST 'PLAY'

February 7, 2024
11STREET has launched the shortform based 'PLAY' service in collaboration with Shoplive, featuring thousands of shortform videos currently uploaded. Shoplive's flexible API and development environment enabled the effective integration of large-scale content into the 11ST application, reinforcing its role as a technical partner and transforming 11ST into a distinctive 'Shoppertainment' space.

Today's online shopping experience has evolved beyond mere purchases into "Shoppertainment," offering users new discoveries and enjoyment through content. Leading this change, 11ST has launched 'PLAY,' an innovative service in collaboration with Shoplive, providing users' product reviews, recommendations, and various shopping-related content in shortform videos.

Shortform content has established itself as an effective marketing tool that genuinely increases purchase conversion rates. 'PLAY' enables users of all ages to easily access shortform videos on the platform, blending entertainment with product information.

Thousands of shortform videos that are created by '11 Creators,' sellers, and 11ST's own productions have been uploaded. Shoplive facilitated the effective integration of this vast amount of video content into large online shopping mall apps like 11ST through flexible APIs and development environments.

Through this collaboration, Shoplive has proven itself as more than just a SaaS provider, demonstrating high stability and compatibility within services experiencing large traffic, like 11ST. Additionally, Shoplive's innovative approach in leveraging shortform content for shopping has led the way in the shopping experience, transforming 11ST into Shoppertaining environment where users perceive it beyond a mere shopping platform, enjoying content-rich experiences.

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