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Shoplive Shortform

Nowhere but here.

The ultimate realm of endless digital content.
Deliver the experience that can only be realized
through the Shoplive Shortform.

Shoplive Shortform


Content Marketing Reinvented.
Instant impact: captivate your customers
in seconds.

The Rebirth of Livestreaming.
Create shortform content
using the livestream video.

Shoplive Shortform

Business Growth.

Seamless Integration.
Deploy shortform content effortlessly,
no extra development required.

Instantly Play Shortform with PIP.
Boost conversion rate by embedding
shortform on product pages.

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Easy Editing with Shoplive AI.
Create content-tailored data
with AI editing.

Scheduled Settings and Automatic
Publishing. Easily adjust the date with
simple reservation and release functions.

Shoplive Shortform

Beyond your dreams.

Longer Duration and Higher Traffic.
Increase customer watch time using our
unlimited feed designs.

A Galaxy of Contents.
Let it run free using the Category,
Brand, and Tag functions.

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One-Click Social Media Upload.
Share shortform content
on various social media.

A World of Shortform Creators.
Enrich shortforms
using customers' content.

Shoplive Shortform

It's Shoplive. Period.

Easy and Convenient Management.
Easily manage your shortform
through the admin-friendly UI.

See For Yourself.
From views to conversion rates,
experience data-driven growth.

Never Miss a Beat with Customers.
See customer reactions such as
comments, likes and shares in real time.

Visible Increase in Sales.
Experience powerful marketing
effects with new shortform content.

Shoplive Shortform

Connect your content
with your customers today.