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Full UI Customization
Completely integrate your brand identity into the live shopping experience
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Interactive in-stream popups
Boost your user engagement with Quizzes, Surveys, Lucky Draws, Auctions and more
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Full screen in portrait or landscape mode
Choose the ideal layout to best exhibit your content
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Quick installation of Shoplive Plug-in
Start livestreaming on your website with only a few lines of code
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At a glance

Ready SDK for Web & App
Support PIP mode by using iOS/Android SDK
Full UI customization
Live streaming aligned with your brand identity
Interactive in-stream popups
Boost user engagement with Quizzes, Surveys, Lucky Draws, Auctions and more
Powerful chat management
Support chat highlighting & saving, user muting, host prompter, etc.
Product management
Intuitive management via product status change, grouping, bulk upload etc.
Ready to use Plug-in
Get started with only a few lines of code
Shoplive Studio
Start streaming anytime, anywhere with your mobile device
Extensive & robust APIs
Comprehensive and flexible integration according to your requirements


Easy Installation
Seamless Integration

You can run a Live Commerce stream on your platform immediately by inserting simple Javascript code provided by SHOPLIVE. SHOPLIVE’s Mobile SDK also supports Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS and Android.


UI customization
For Your Brand

All UI components are fully customizable for the client’s Corporate/Brand identity, including logos, icons, fonts and even the entire UI structure.


UI customization
For Your Brand

All UI components are fully customizable for the client’s Corporate/Brand identity, including logos, icons, fonts and even the entire UI structure.


Web-based Admin Tool

All features of SHOPLIVE’s Live Commerce streams can be controlled by powerful web-based administrator tools.

Live Streaming Console
Chat Manager
Pop-ups and Products Manager


Data Analytics to Measure
Performance and User Insights

Clients can measure various performance metrics in real-time during live streaming by using our data analytics suite, based off Google BigQuery.


Features in Detail

Javascript SDK

Installation of Live Commerce can be easily executed by inserting the JavaScript code provided by SHOPLIVE

iOS · Android SDK

For iOS 13 and Android 4.4 (API Level 19 or higher), OS PIP or in-app PIP functionality can be implemented through the SHOPLIVE SDK

Integration with client

Authentication, product, coupon system, and data insights integration with the client’s platform are supported.

FHD Support

Live streaming supports 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p (Full HD) quality.

Simulcast to Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Simulcast live stream to other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Product Management

Product registration and management for each individual campaign can be done manually, by Excel upload, and through API integration.

Pop-up Management

Pop-ups such as notices, banners, coupons, and events have various settings available such as delivery method; exposure duration; and click events.

Powerful Chat Filters

Banned words can be managed using SHOPLIVE's chat filter tools, including client specific filters, campaign specific filters and SHOPLIVE's preset banned words.

Live Streaming Console

In the campaign management console, features include campaign control, chat management, pop-up/product management, real-time dashboard.

Prompter for Host

The prompter is a screen to aid the host. It provides screen-highlighted chats for the host.

Preview and Replay

Campaigns can be previewed or replayed in the management tool via a separate URL.

Data Insights

Data from a Live Commerce campaign can be downloaded immediately after the broadcast.

Musinsa has been exploring the use of live commerce to facilitate better brand expression and active communication with our customers. SHOPLIVE’s live solutions and technical support enable us to experiment and analyse data to validate our hypotheses. SHOPLIVE's solution and technology are very helpful not only in relation to streaming video, but also in producing live content for mobile devices and improving active communication with customers.
Kim Hyun Soo
Director, Musinsa Media Division
We were able to start producing live content for our Moomooz brand very quickly and seamlessly by using SHOPLIVE’s solution. SHOPLIVE also enables Simulcast to Instagram, which allowed us to engage instagram users as well as users of our company’s platform at the same time. The replay function is also very useful to display content to customers who missed the live broadcast. We have recorded a huge improvement in sales and brand marketing performance following implementation of SHOPLIVE’s solution.
Erica Lee
CEO, CMI Partners Co., Ltd.
User experience is very important when producing live commerce content in a mobile environment. By implementing Picture-in-Picture mode through SHOPLIVE's Mobile SDK, we were able to vastly enhance the user experience of our mobile content. Even when we encountered massive user volumes when we collaborated with celebrities, SHOPLIVE’s solutions were able to handle the server load reliably without any compromise in performance.
Kim Jung Hoon
Vice President, FnC Division of Kolon Industries Co., Ltd.

Easy Installation
Seamless Integration

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