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Innovation in MENA E-Commerce: Partnership between Shoplive and Calibrate Commerce

December 7, 2023
Leading the innovation in live commerce, Shoplive has joined forces with Calibrate Commerce, a provider of integrated commerce solutions in the MENA region! This partnership is set to bring a fresh wave of innovation to the MENA e-commerce market with Shoplive.

Live commerce, the synergy of live streaming and online shopping, is breaking new ground in the retail industry. McKinsey predicts that by 2026, live commerce will account for up to 20% of all e-commerce sales, and with consumer spending in live streaming apps in the MENA region increasing by 110% each year, the growth potential for live commerce here is boundless.

The combination of Shoplive's market-leading products and technological prowess with Calibrate's market insights will enable brands/businesses to connect with customers more powerfully than ever through live commerce. Customers will enjoy shopping in a more convenient and familiar way, while brands/businesses can take new strides in dramatically growing their sales.

Nagham Akileh, General Manager of Calibrate Commerce, stated that "The partnership with Shoplive will enable an unprecedented level of customer engagement, not just following market trends but creating them." Ken Park, Chief Growth Officer at Shoplive, also remarked, “Together with Calibrate, we will create a robust live commerce ecosystem that solidifies communication with customers and enhances their shopping experience."

Stay tuned for a shopping revolution in the MENA region!

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