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Funeral Service Industry's First Live Commerce: Daemyungimready 'I'm LIVE'

February 21, 2024
대명아임레디는 Shoplive와 협력하여 상조업계 최초의 라이브 커머스 플랫폼 'I'm LIVE'를 론칭했습니다.

In January 2024, Daemyung I'm Ready unveiled the funeral service industry's first live commerce platform, 'I'm LIVE,' in collaboration with Shoplive.

Given the nature of the funeral services industry, which focuses on encouraging customers to sign up for funeral service products, Daemyung I'm Ready introduced live commerce to build a marketing funnel that allows customers to purchase home appliances at discounted prices when they sign up for funeral service products or apply for consultations.

Previously, Daemyung I'm Ready experienced limitations in profitability due to commissions in marketing strategies through home shopping channels. In order to tackle this, the company integrated Shoplive's live solution to its pages, transitioning to direct sales.

After integrating the solution, Daemyung I'm Ready achieved remarkable results, exceeding its targeted KPIs by more than five times. This not only means cost reduction but also the formation of deeper customer relationships through real-time interactions and maximizing the sales potential of live commerce. Additionally, the company is establishing an efficient retargeting strategy by internalizing viewer data such as customer preferences and purchase trends.

The partnership between Daemyung I'm Ready and Shoplive is more than just a technical provision; it's a case that proves the applicability of live commerce in the funeral service industry. Through this collaboration, Daemyung I'm Ready has successfully built an effective live commerce environment that maximizes profitability, strengthens customer relationships, and realizes a data-driven marketing strategy.

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