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Live Rerun Feature Now Available!

November 6, 2023
Shoplive has introduced the rerun feature, allowing you to re-share your past live broadcasts and expand your engagement with customers.

Utilize Shoplive's rerun feature to re-broadcast live sessions that received positive feedback. By leveraging the rerun functionality, you can continuously connect with customers through 24/7 broadcasting, expanding your points of contact.

Utilize the 'Schedule Auto-Start' feature to automatically begin broadcasts at your specified times. Easily create reruns while retaining the products and pop-ups from your previous broadcasts. Explore the diverse features of Shoplive to efficiently manage your broadcasts!

Furthermore, we are introducing a feature that allows you to broadcast recorded videos, broadening your capacity to connect with a larger audience and deliver new experiences.

Shoplive is committed to creating a convenient and enjoyable live commerce experience. Stay tuned for more innovative features and updates in the future. Try crafting even more intriguing broadcasts through Shoplive!

Should you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact the Shoplive team at any time!
For administrative documentation related to rerun creation, please refer to this link.