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Maximizing the Use of Shoplive Pop-up Features

February 26, 2024
Shoplive has enhanced various pop-up features to strengthen the interaction between sellers and consumers in live commerce, improving product understanding and brand affinity. This substitutes for direct interaction in physical stores and significantly influences consumer product comprehension and purchasing decisions.

In live commerce, communication between the seller and the consumer is considered the most crucial element, significantly affecting the consumer's product understanding and purchasing decisions. In offline stores, direct interaction occurs as consumers can physically experience and compare products. However, it is challenging to expect the same level of interaction in live commerce. Therefore, Shoplive has created an environment that enhances product understanding and strengthens brand affinity through the advancement of various popup features. Let's explore the various popup functions provided by Shoplive.


The notice pop-up plays a crucial role in live campaigns by continuously informing viewers about important information or changes. This helps ensure that viewers do not miss out on the core content of the campaign and provides real-time updates related to the featured products. If viewers have questions, they can click on the pop-up to move to a related detailed page or check the related content along with additional images.


The FAQ pop-up prepares answers to questions anticipated from a large audience and displays archived responses to questions received in real time. This approach helps resolve common curiosities among viewers, strengthens communication, and contributes to building trust.

Promotion Banners & Benefit 

The promotion banner and benefit pop-ups share special events and benefits to attract viewers' attention and encourage product purchases. The banner provides product descriptions or host guidance in pop-up form at specific moments during the campaign; and can link to a specific website when clicked.

Unlike banners that appear dynamically at specific moments, the benefit pop-up provides a list that viewers can access by clicking a button, allowing them to view various information related to the benefits in both image and text formats.

Quiz/Survey & Event

The quiz/survey and event pop-ups encourage active participation from viewers and add an element of fun to the campaign. When entering answers for quizzes, viewers are informed whether their selected answers are correct or incorrect, and in surveys, they can immediately see other viewers' opinions. Additionally, from the operator's perspective, these tools can be used to collect data on viewer preferences and opinions. Event pop-ups can further encourage viewers to actively participate in the campaign, thereby increasing interest in the products featured.


The coupon pop-up provides viewers with immediately usable discount coupons during the campaign to encourage product purchases. Additionally, when viewers click on the coupon, they are directed to a page that provides information about additional benefits, or for viewers who are not logged in, it can lead them to a login or registration page, thereby contributing to the acquisition of new users.


The auction pop-up is a feature that can maximize the dynamic possibilities of live commerce. Through real-time bidding, viewers can compete for products or services and purchase them at their desired price. Furthermore, participating in real-time price competition enhances the immersion in the live event, and viewers can gain great satisfaction and a sense of achievement through successful bidding and purchasing. Thus, auctions can offer viewers a unique purchasing experience distinct from traditional live commerce.

We have explored ways to engage in deep communication with viewers through the various pop-up features of Shoplive. These features go beyond simply enhancing communication; they encourage active participation from viewers and enrich the purchasing experience. Explore the boundless possibilities of live commerce and elevate your interaction with customers to a new level with Shoplive's live solutions!