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Shoplive Korea: Leading E-commerce Innovation

February 26, 2024
In January 2024, Shoplive Korea was recognized for its innovation and growth by being selected as the best partner company in the Cafe24 store sector and winning the K-Service Grand Prize in the 'E-commerce Solution' category at the Korea Industry Awards!

This January, Shoplive Korea's live commerce solution was effectively utilized by Cafe24 customers in the Cafe24 store, greatly assisting their businesses, earning the honor of being selected as the best partner company in the Cafe24 store sector. This achievement is the result of close collaboration between Shoplive Korea and Cafe24, and we plan to further develop through various collaborations, including API integration, in the future.

In addition, Shoplive Korea recently won the K-Service Grand Prize of the 'E-commerce Solution' category at the 10th Korea Industry Awards ceremony held at the Korea Press Center. This award recognizes the excellence of the innovative live commerce SaaS solution provided by Shoplive Korea and its continuous growth in both domestic and global markets.

The success of Shoplive Korea would have been impossible without the support and trust of our clients and partner companies. Shoplive Korea promises to continue to strive to create new values through continuous innovation and customer-centric service provision.

Thank you!

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