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How Far Have You Utilized Shortform Content?

February 2, 2024
Shoplive's shortform solution allows brands and businesses to easily adapt shortform content into their platforms, thereby extending users' time spent on the platform and offering opportunities to discover new interests or needs. Ultimately, this contributes the development of strategies that positively influence purchasing decisions.

Brands and businesses are constantly evolving and diversifying their strategies to secure customers online. Marketing tools such as social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO) are continually being refined. Among these, marketing strategies utilizing shortform video content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, are gaining significant attention. Businesses across all sectors are leveraging shortform content to aim for increased views and viral effects, and some are further using this content in paid advertising to enhance conversion rates.

It is also crucial to attract potential users from third-party platforms to one's own platform. However, what is equally important is maximizing the time users spend on the platform once they have arrived. Just as users easily spend time on various social media platforms, businesses need to maximize user retention time on their platforms as well. From this perspective, users can be broadly categorized into goal-oriented users and discovery-oriented users, each requiring tailored strategies.

Goal-oriented users have a clear purpose to purchase a specific product, while discovery-oriented users browse the platform without a specific purpose and make purchases when they find products they like. Previously, businesses focused on capturing customers through paid advertising and targeting due to users' indecision on where to purchase desired products. However, beyond aligning with the ultimate goals of users, there is a new perspective that brands and businesses must consider: triggering the latent purchasing desires of users who have entered the platform. This approach allows users to discover new interests or needs they were unaware of, encouraging them to spend more time on the platform. Considering the various potentials of shortform content, Shoplive has made it easy for brands and businesses to integrate shortform content into their platforms in diverse ways.

Use Case


Recently, 11ST, one of leading online market places in South Korea, introduced a new service called 'Play,' leveraging Shoplive's shortform solution to offer shopping content enjoyed in shortform within the application. 'Play' allows users to view a variety of shortform videos related to product reviews, recommended products, usage methods, as well as tips on travel and daily life. Currently, thousands of videos have been uploaded, including content created by professional content creators, videos from sellers, and 11ST's own original productions. Furthermore, 11ST plans to actively incorporate customer-generated content, such as product review videos, into 'Play.' This initiative enables users who enter the 11ST application to explore various contents through 'Play' just like they would on existing shortform video platforms like TikTok, naturally increasing their time spent on the app and potentially leading to additional purchases beyond the products they initially intended to buy.

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One of leading Korean fashion platform, Kolon Mall, enhances user product understanding by showcasing live streaming content related to the products on the product detail page through Picture-in-Picture (PIP). Additionally, clicking on the PIP allows users to enter a shortform feed where they can scroll through and explore a wider variety of products, thereby broadening their options.


The renowned Korean online select shop, 29CM, is capturing user attention by placing various outfit scenes shown by hosts during its live streaming service called 29LIVE right above the review section on the product detail pages within its application. This strategy allows users to instantly grasp the feel and style of the clothing, enhancing product visibility. Consequently, whether users are revisiting after watching a live stream or those who missed the live stream, they can obtain detailed information about the products, positively influencing their purchasing decisions.


Pethroom, specializing in pet products, has adopted Shoplive's shortform solution to effectively convey real-life usage and diverse user experiences of its products. This allows customers to directly observe the practicality of the products and the reactions of pets, deepening their understanding of the product's appeal through visual storytelling. Furthermore, this approach boosts customer trust, contributes to community building, and plays a crucial role in enhancing Pethroom's brand recognition and customer engagement in the pet product market.

Saneibd Free's Mart

The Japanese fashion platform Saneibd has integrated Shoplive's shortform solution to effectively display products and provide users with a personalized experience within the platform. Saneibd has created its unique own feed called 'Movie' on the homepage, showcasing various outfit possibilities through shortform videos at a glance. If users click on a shortform of a product they like from the feed, they can enter a full-screen view for more detailed information. Additionally, clicking on related tags allows users to be directed to similar or potentially interesting products. Features such as product comments, likes, and bookmarks further enhance the personalized shopping experience for users.

Shoplive's shortform solution goes beyond mere content scrolling, offering flexibility through its proprietary APIs to easily and securely integrate owned content in various forms into the platform, tailored to the goals of brands and businesses. Overall, by adopting Shoplive's shortform solution, brands and businesses can maximize user retention time within the platform and develop strategies that cater to both goal-oriented and discovery-oriented users, thereby establishing more effective online customer acquisition and retention strategies.