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The Quiz Feature UI Has Been Enhanced

November 3, 2023
The UI of Shoplive's 'Quiz' feature in live commerce has been improved. Through meticulous enhancements to each component, we have upgraded the user experience. Utilize the quiz feature to encourage real-time interaction among live commerce viewers!
Even More Eye-catching Countdown Screen

The quiz countdown time is now more intuitively displayed, boosting user concentration and encouraging more active participation in the quiz.

Improved Display of Options

To make it more intuitive for quiz participants to understand, we have separated images and option areas. Even if the sentences in the options are long, users can solve the quiz without missing information.

Enhanced User Response UI

Users often wonder if their responses have been registered correctly. We have prevented user confusion by clearly marking the selected option and displaying correct and incorrect answers in a UI that is easy to understand.

Start enjoyable communication with viewers using Shoplive's improved 'Quiz' feature! If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact Shoplive’s representatives anytime. Thank you.

Refer to this link for admin documentation related to quiz usage.