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TSI Holdings: Delivering a New Shopping Experience in the Japanese Market through Shoplive’s Shortform Solution!

December 6, 2023
We are excited to announce that 'Sanei-bd', a prominent brand under Japan’s fashion leader TSI Holdings, has adopted Shoplive's shortform solution! With this implementation, Sanei-bd Online (FREE'S MART) plans to energize its online platform, boost customer engagement, and increase sales.

Many brands/businesses have been producing shortform content for their social media to showcase their products to customers. Taking a step further, Sanei-bd has integrated Shoplive's shortform solution into their online store to enhance interactions with more customers.

Shoplive's shortform solution merges the appeal of shortform media like Instagram Reels or TikTok, enabling customers to have a similar experience on their platforms. Brands/businesses can leverage Shoplive's shortform solution to place shortform videos on their platform, anticipating enhanced customer interactions. This strategy boosts the platform's competitiveness, makes the shopping experience more convenient, and increases product understanding. Of course, all of these lead to an expected increase in sales!

TSI Holdings has stated its goal of providing customers with a new dimension of purchasing experience, improving interactions, and achieving 'fandom-based' buying which follows the successful global application of the Shoplive solution. Shoplive will always be a steadfast partner in TSI Holdings' journey to create better customer experiences! Look forward to the collaboration between Shoplive and TSI Holdings in the Japanese market, realizing fandom-based purchasing and forging new communications with customers.

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