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The Importance of User Interface (UI) Customization for Building Brand Identity (BI)

February 19, 2024
The importance of online brand identity is further emphasized because customers cannot directly experience the product, and businesses are strengthening this through the UI design of their own platforms. However, it's challenging to reflect a business's unique UI while using external platforms. These limitations can be overcome through Shoplive's UI customization.

Most people are aware of the importance of "brand," which signifies more than just a product or service—it represents the identity of a business. This identity is differentiated from competitors and communicated visually through the creation of brand identity, with logos, color schemes, and what is commonly known as 'typefaces' playing key roles in conveying brand identity to the public.

Efforts to build brand identity are being invested by businesses across various industries. A notable example is Kia Motors redesigning its logo and adopting a new brand philosophy of 'balance, rhythm, and ascent' as part of its rebranding to "KN," highlighting the importance of re-establishing brand identity.

Imagine visiting a large department store or outlet where numerous businesses display their logos prominently and arrange their products in their unique style to stand out. However, if every brand's logo and product display method were standardized in such environments, businesses would find it difficult to differentiate their brand identities to customers.

Brand identity holds significant influence online as, as customers cannot directly experience products, making a brand's visual elements even more critical. Consequently, many businesses meticulously design the UI of their own online malls and applicationss to incorporate their brand assets as much as possible.

However, there's often a need to use external platforms besides self-created channels in order to execute various online marketing strategies. In many cases, adhering to the format provided by third-party platforms makes it challenging to reflect a business's unique UI. In this context, UI customization becomes a key tool for establishing and maintaining brand identity on external platforms.

Use Case

The base UI of Shoplive, as depicted in the above image, facilitates purchase conversions through user interaction during live streaming, leveraging product descriptions and popups. However, Shoplive has also explored ways to enhance the overall shopping experience beyond purchase conversions by providing businesses with an environment to build brand identity using custom UIs, in addition to the functional aspects of live streaming.

Next, we will examine specific use cases of UI customization.


Posty is an online shopping platform that offers discount on renowned brands, targeting women in their 40s and 50s. Given the nature of the Posty platform, which offers live streaming from various brands, customizing the UI to reflect user preferences for each brand plays a crucial role.

Therefore, a 'Brand Like' button was added to Posty's own live player, enabling users to easily manage their favorite brands. Furthermore, considering the main target demographic of individuals in their 40s and 50s, readability was enhanced by enlarging text and images, and users were allowed to select color, size, and quantity all at once when clicking on a product, facilitating easy product purchases. This design of the user journey ensures that users can smoothly purchase products while watching the live stream.


The premium brand collection platform THE is conducting live streaming through "HandsomeTV."

The image above is the UI of THE's application homepage, and below is the UI of the HandsomeTV player.

The product, chat, and like buttons located at the bottom of the HandsomeTV player are separated by lines, reflecting the brand identity of THE's logo. Additionally, the like button was changed to a sharp-edged heart. A custom UI was applied for lotties to display the name of the brand being streamed along with the HandsomeTV logo when the button is pressed. Furthermore, THE placed a notice feature at the very bottom of the player to enhance user immersion in the live broadcast.

Additionally, pressing the product button implements a unique display of the product list that is exclusive to HandsomeTV.


W.Concept, an online shopping platform that offers over 6,000 unique designer brands targeting women in their 20s and 30s, has applied its signature deep orange color (#FA5500), used as a point color on its platform, to notices and the 'NOW' button. In the 'MAKE IT YOURS' section of the W.Concept online store, various products are displayed in a horizontal scroll format. To reflect a similar product display format in the player, the UI was customized to allow users to explore products by scrolling sideways when they click on the product cards at the bottom.

Home and Shopping (Hnsmall) - Pang Live

The primary point color of Home and Shopping is a bright red (#E61938). It can be observed that colors from the red spectrum have been applied to make important features such as purchase, notice, and like buttons easily noticeable to users. Additionally, considering that the average age of the users is higher, the size of the text and buttons has been made larger, and the notice section has been placed at the very bottom to optimize the readability of the product cards and notice content.

As illustrated in the examples above, utilizing Shoplive's UI customization can effectively convey brand identity and efficiently design the purchase journey for the target users. This approach enables users to connect more deeply with the brand, contributing to business growth and enhancing customer loyalty. Try Shoplive's UI customization today to experience these benefits firsthand!