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SHOPLIVE transforms e-commerce experience through innovative Live Commerce SaaS solutions.

SHOPLIVE is a company founded by experienced members from top global IT companies such as Facebook, Google, Naver, and Kakao. It is headquartered in Singapore with a subsidiary and engineering team based in Korea. We constantly pursue product development and work toward a vision of product-driven growth.

Product is the core of SHOPLIVE. Our co-founders have ample top-tier engineering experience, and all members are focused on product development. We utilise productivity multipliers such as Slack, Asana, and Google Workspace, and develop our product based on cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP. 

SHOPLIVE is a SaaS based live commerce solution. Beyond being a streaming solution, live commerce can also be utilised as a sales & marketing vehicle which allows the brand to communicate with customers while acquiring a comprehensive dataset. SHOPLIVE’s solution enables engagement with millions of users on a stable video stream. SHOPLIVE's technology has been adopted by various clients across diverse sectors and sizes, from top tier enterprises to promising SMBs, such as Musinsa, Zigzag, Queenit,, H Fashion Mall, Kolon, LG, and Pulmuone.

SHOPLIVE is backed by top tier VCs with a global footprint, as well as strategic angels with deep roots across various industries.

SHOPLIVE’s goal is to become the global standard for live commerce. As we continue to secure major clients in Korea, we are exploring collaboration with partners in the United States and Southeast Asia. Equipped with a global network and comprehensive service experience, SHOPLIVE is ready to enter the global stage.

We are currently looking for talents in Front and Back-end development, iOS, Android, Data Science, and Business Development. If you want to be part of a team pursuing exponential growth on a global scale, ping us and let’s start a conversation.


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40, 2nd floor, #207, Seolleung-ro 93-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Shoplive Pte. Ltd.2F, 83 Clemenceau Avenue 02-01, Singapore 239920

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